Thursday, October 27, 2011

What you should know before running in Tonga…

  1. When running in a rural village, plan on being accompanied by anywhere from 2-10 children, (or more!)
  2. Enjoy the company of the children, they help keep the ‘Tevolo’ (devil) away as you run through the bush!
  3. For a country where exercising is much less valued than in America, the track in town can get very crowded!
  4. When running at the crowded track, be prepared to dodge children, rugby balls, women and men walking, and women doing ZOOMBA! (dance/aerobics program)
  5. At the track, you are likely to feel very good about yourself, as you will be one of the few people running.
  6. This confidence may not last if you join a weekend running/swimming race with all the athletic Tongans and foreigners, in fact, you may be one of the last to finish!
  7. No matter where you run, you will be stared at…
  8. Especially if you run when it’s hot and your face turns beet red! “Who is that white girl running in the hot sun?” (Fair question!)
  9. Wearing headphones makes it more difficult to hear the remarks from the boys you pass or the boys practicing rugby at the track. (This however, does not always work!)
  10. It’s hot.

This blog post inspired by my desire to keep running, but being forced to take time off by the pains in my leg. (oh and number 11. It’s just as easy to overrun your muscles here, just because it’s hot doesn’t mean your muscles warm up faster…. Oops J)

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